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(So, I’m not one to ask for help unless I really, really have to, and I’ve run into a rather big problem, for me, anyway, that there is no way I can fix myself. My car’s air conditioning is dead. And to FIX it would require a brand new compressor….valued at $825. While I CAN afford it, it would put my finances in a place that’d make me really, really nervous. So I’m doing a little commissions fundraiser to help me afford that new compressor. If there is one thing I’ve learned about the pony community, it’s that you guys are all a caring and helpful bunch. So there are a few ways you could all help me a ton. Firstly, it’d be a gigantic help if anyone just spreads the word. Reblogging this makes a huge difference, and would mean the world!

The other way you could help…is to commission me! All donated funds made will be pooling to get me this compressor so I don’t melt this summer. ;) I have a tendency to get headaches big time in the heat, so seriously, this means so very much to me.

If you’d like a commission, please drop me an email at with references and what you’re looking for! I’ll give you my paypal address from there and you can send whatever amount you wish to donate. From there, I’ll send you your completed commission as soon as I can. :)

Lastly, thanks to EVERYONE who reads, reblogs, or commissions me…you guys are the best and I can’t possibly express how much I appreciate it. *hearts*)

Reblogging for a dear friend! Please help her out!


((Hey guys! CookieMod here. I’m sorry for the answeres being half assed with no new art. I’m neck deep in finals projects and art homeworks and I got about 3 weeks left, so I hope you can understand my plight! Once I’m more free, I’ll be starting the new story line, thanks to Bambina and the anonymous who wanted to be filthy rich! Much appreciated asks, you guys!

So yeah. Just bare with me a little more while. I’m cooking up stuff, don’tcha worry :>))

"I see you’re still asleep, Glich."
"You do realize you must wake up eventually, yes?"
"I do, princess."
"So why not now? Why not leave this world, and attend the one that is real?"
"I’m not ready, princess."
"You are a godling, Glich. You are stronger than you credit yourself for. Your lineage could be one of terror and chaos, but that is not the case with you. We both know that."
"I know, princess, but you don’t understand."
"We do not understand what, godling?"

"When I’m asleep, no one is hurt. When I’m asleep, he’s not lost to me. Waking again means enduring all of this again, and again, until I get it right. I can’t risk disappointing people again, Princess Luna. I can’t risk crossing paths with him - only to watch him slip from my grip again.

You see, princess, when I’m asleep, I’m not hurting.”

((unrelated pony art is unrelated. CookieMod has the sads so this happened. Glich is an eldritch godling of mine that I ponified because ponies make me happy, has made me happy since I was a tiny cookie. And Princess Luna is my favourite, along with me liking the night on it’s own. Just some vent art. I’m not sure if people would be interested in this as a story so I don’t think I’ll include them to the blog.))

CookieMod: Also, if by some weird luck I get donations, could the donators please contact me via ask with a reference of their character? I want to make a poster with everyone who has made a donation - which will be Scratch performing and everybody else dancing.

If you want to make a donation, you already have to contact me for paypal info, so when you do that, add your reference :>

Thanks in advance! 

Note: I’ll make sure donators also get a seperate image of their icon dancing for their personal use.

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